Services for foreigners in Hue, Vietnam

Everyone knows that in Vietnam, the language barrier is difficult. Few locals speak English. In addition, there are always higher prices for foreigners, even if they have been living there for years.

And despite this, I don’t see any services in Vietnam for foreigners, apart from official translation agencies or travel agencies for visa.

So my wife and I decided to launch this service in Hue to help foreigners who are living or staying here.

Negotiating motorcycle purchase, renting a room at local price, writing a contract in Vietnamese, dealing with the administration, getting advice for starting a business, solving a quarrel, doing research by interviewing people, getting support at the hospital… the potential list is long!

My wife, pearl, is the best one to do that: native of Hue, dynamic, talented, high skilled, open minded and full of experiences… of course, she can speak good english.

Our main goal is to serve others, not to make money. If you are interested, feel free to visit the Facebook page or contact us!

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